II Specialized Exhibition of Architecture and Construction “BEAUTIFUL WOOD

From 1 to November 4, 2012 in IEC “Crocus Expo” at the III International architectural building and interior exhibition “BEAUTIFUL HOME. RUSSIAN ARCHITECTURAL SALON “will take place II Specialized Exhibition of Architecture and Construction” BEAUTIFUL WOODEN HOUSE “- one of the most successful projects in the field of wooden architecture. In 2011, the exhibition was attended by more than 14 000 people, about 40% of them were particularly interested in a specialized project “BEAUTIFUL WOODEN HOUSE.” Project “BEAUTIFUL WOODEN HOUSE” will demonstrate a comprehensive approach to the wooden house construction, from design and construction of the house and ending with its complete engineering, interior decoration and landscaping of the adjacent territorii.V exposure “BEAUTIFUL WOODEN HOUSE”, expanding the architectural focus of the exhibition and allowing more complete presentation of client preferences, will be attended by leading companies in designing and building timber frame houses, and specialists who will share their expertise with visitors wishing to build new or rehabilitated existing housing. About his participation in the exhibition “BEAUTIFUL WOODEN HOUSE” said well-known companies, such as “Story House,” SC “Garant-Story”, “SAA WOOD”, “Narhozstroy”, “SDM New House,” “Vyatka House», Holz House, SC “burr,” “DDM-Story,” “KSDom”, “Drevograd”, “GlavDachTrest”, “ASP Stroyproekt», Bright House, SWS, PINO, Sibwoodland, «VistaStroyServis,” “CDS”, “SC-3 “,” CPM Manor, “TH” Drevmarket “,” EvroBildServis “and dr. Osen – it’s time for a new construction season: the choice of the project, construction technology and materials to build a country house. Therefore, organizer of the international exhibition company «World Expo Group” has chosen this time for the event ARCHITECTURAL tematiki.Na Building & Interiors Exhibition will feature the following topics: design and construction of wooden houses: from round solid and laminated timber, solid and laminated veneer lumber; wooden frame houses, building and decoration materials: wall, roofing, finishing, insulation, lumber, flooring, engineered systems and equipment for wooden houses, protection, decoration and care for timber: paints, varnishes, stains and impregnation sealants and adhesives, cleaning and restoring the funds for product assembly and installation tools and accessories, windows, doors, stairs: wooden and derevoalyuminievye windows, interior and exterior doors, stairs and fencing structures, furniture, small architectural forms of the tree: arbors, pergolas, pavilions, awnings, wood in the interior: decorative elements of wood, carpentry, aksessuary.V the exhibition, the international architectural competition “Beautiful House in 2012,” whose main purpose is to organize the annual review of architectural creativity and ideas, demonstrating leading Russian and international developments in design and construction of low-rise residential buildings. Conduct of this contest is intended to facilitate the practical implementation of innovative technologies, engineering systems and equipment, the latest design trends in the construction and arrangement of low-rise complex of individual houses, the development of architectural design and implementation of energy saving and environment-friendly technologies in low-rise housing project with строительстве. Одновременно “BEAUTIFUL WOODEN HOUSE “in the International ramkahIII architectural building and interior exhibition” BEAUTIFUL HOME. RUSSIAN ARCHITECTURAL SALON “IEC” Crocus Expo “will be” Russian architectural SALON “and” SALON INTERIORS “, topics that have traditionally attracted a wide range of posetiteley. Personalnye invitation to the exhibition” BEAUTIFUL WOODEN HOUSE “will receive more than 10 000 experts in the field of wooden construction of the different regions of Russia.

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